Do you bake your cookies in an inspected kitchen?

Yes, we do.

Do you have  a store or can I buy cookies at the kitchen?

Sable Shortbread does not have its own store.   Our kitchen is not set up for retail sales, however you can arrange pick up from the kitchen for special orders.

Where can I buy Sable Shortbread cookies?

We are at farmers markets, fairs and festivals every weekend, and we publish a calendar on our website and post to Facebook and Instagram so you'll always know where to find us.

Are the cookies nut-free?

Our kitchen is not nut-free.  Most of our cookies are free of nuts, though we do make some cookies with tree nuts in them.

Do you have an allergen list?

We list the ingredients in our cookies on our Ingredients page.  There you will find information about allergens.

Do you make any gluten-free cookies?

We don't make any gluten-free shortbread at this time.  We do make coconut macaroons which are naturally gluten free.

Do you make any vegan cookies?

We have one variety of vegan cookie - our Orange Olive Oil Shortbread.  We don't make it all the time, but if you want some, just let us know and we'll bake up a batch!

How long do the cookies keep?

Your shortbread is best eaten as quickly as possible after purchase (then you'll need more sooner).  Seriously though, the shortbread keeps extremely well when stored in a cool, dark place - up to 8 weeks.

Do you ship cookies?

We ship within Canada and you can find out more about shipping cookies in our online store.