Handmade & Artisan

Artisan Shortbread Cookies

Sable Shortbread is made from Authentic recipes using simple ingredients, in traditional and original flavours.  We have an Artisan Philosophy when it comes to making the cookies that you are going to enjoy.

  1. We bake everything from scratch and by hand.
  2. We make everything in small batches; really, really small batches.
  3. We use only natural ingredients - no additives, no artificial flavours or colours.
  4. We use local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible.
  5. We use simple ingredients from carefully chosen suppliers.
  6. We accept nothing less than the best quality from start to finish.

Simple, Natural Ingredients

flour with wheat in a wooden bowl and shovel on a white background

Sable Shortbread cookies are free from chemicals, additives, fillers and artificial preservatives. You can pronounce very single ingredient that goes into our cookies.  We use the same ingredients you have at home in your pantry.  

Sable Shortbread works hard to develop original and innovative recipes that will stay yummy for weeks.  Between our recipes and our traditional baking techniques, we make cookies without any additives or artificial preservatives that will stay fresh for several weeks when stored in an airtight container in a cool place.

Keep your Cookies Fresh

Stack of tasty biscuits on a gray wooden background

Your cookies are best if enjoyed within a week of purchase.  If you are not going to eat your cookies right away, we suggest putting them in an airtight container and storing them in the fridge.  They will keep up to 8 weeks this way.

Shop Local

Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have a thriving artisan food movement with an abundance of farmers markets, food trucks, diners, fairs and festivals where you can try all sorts of different types of food prepared locally with local ingredients and local flair.

When you enjoy artisanal food, you are able to see, taste and appreciate the care, attention and dedication that the makers put into their creations.  Vancouver is a richer place for all its local fare and you get a chance to explore and try new things.  We hope our handmade artisan shortbread cookies will make you happy.


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