Our Story

Our shortbread cookies are made with recipes passed down from our mothers and grandmothers. Whether they were amateur or professional bakers, they shared their passion for baking with their children and grandchildren. With amazing bakers on both sides of the family, it seems like baking is in our genes. We are Lorraine and Julia, a mother/daughter team bringing these cherished recipes to a new generation.

Meet Mabel & Kate, the Women who Inspire Us

Grandma Mabel

Mabel was Lorraine’s great grandmother, and she was famous for her baking.  She made delicious crispy cookies and amazing pies with perfect flaky pie crust. Her children and grandchildren learned to bake in her big, professional kitchen. Lorraine's Dad used to work for his grandmother after school. He taught Lorraine to bake and we still use many of the same recipes, now being handed down to a fifth generation. After WW I, Lorraine's Granny Kate, an English war bride, created a little piece of home in Montreal when she opened her Blue Willow Tearoom next door to her husband's shoemaking and tailoring shop.  She baked and served traditional treats like delectable shortbread cookies and incredible fruitcake. Both these women were running their own businesses in an era when women were not even considered persons!

We draw on the spirit of these visionary women

for inspiration.

We started Sable Shortbread Company Ltd., dedicated to staying true to Mabel and Kate's traditions: women running a business and making good food from scratch. Lorraine has many years of experience as a dedicated home baker and as a professional business consultant. Julia has a talent and a passion for baking. As a person with a disability, Julia faces barriers to employment, so Sable Shortbread is an opportunity to build a business, earn a living, and make a contribution.

Following in Mabel and Kate's footsteps, we make traditional shortbread cookies as well as shortbread flavours with our own unique twist.  We draw from current food trends to create flavour varieties that highlight contemporary and classic flavour combinations.  We carefully select our ingredients and our suppliers to make sure our  shortbread cookies are crispy, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth delicacies that stand out from the rest.

Sable Shortbread is truly a labour of love: Lorraine mixes each batch of dough and Julia creates each cookie - rolling, shaping, and baking – even packaging each cookie by hand. And the best part is that you get to enjoy the most incredible shortbread cookies anywhere!


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