Sable Shortbread prefers to source our ingredients from local suppliers, organic producers and family/employee owned companies.  We also try to support businesses owned by women, that engage in direct or fair trade, and/or serve a social purpose.  Sustainability is important to us and we source organic ingredients wherever possible and use recyclable packaging for our products and try to use suppliers who engage in sustainable business practices. Here are a few of our key suppliers.


Anita's Organic Mill is a family owned and operated business located in Chilliwack, BC.  Anita's Organic works closely with the best organic farmers in British Columbia and the Canadian prairie provinces. We  use their unbleached organic all-purpose flour in our baking.

logo-wholesome-sweeteners-cloudWholesome Sweeteners, Inc., formed in 2001, is a leading provider of sustainable, environmentally and ethically responsible sweeteners. We use their icing sugar and brown sugar in our cookies; all are Organic, Fair Trade Certified, and Non-GMO Verified, and made from nature’s best resources.   The Wholesome Sweeteners team pioneered the Fair Trade certification process for sugar in North America.  Learn more about them and their farmers in the video.



Avalon Dairy  is the oldest, continuously operating dairy in British Columbia.  And when it is available, we are pleased to use their locally made butter in our shortbread cookies.

rabbit riverSome of our cookies contain eggs and we are just as picky about the eggs that go into our cookies as we are about the other ingredients.  Our organic eggs come from Rabbit River Farms in Richmond, BC.   Their hens roam on organic pasture and are fed organic feed.