Sable Shortbread bakes gourmet artisan shortbread cookies in small batches using all natural ingredients. We seek out local, organic and fair trade ingredients and use only natural flavours and colours. We believe in the simplicity of good food made with love.

Shortbread is sweet and simple, with only three main ingredients - butter, sugar and flour.   Shortbread is such a rich and tasty cookie that we agree with those early Scots who enjoyed it on special occasions.  BUT why wait ...

Special day, holiday or weekday


It's always a Sable Shortbread day!

We lovingly bake our Shortbread Classics every week and we also bake many unique, contemporary flavours for you to enjoy.  Our shortbread flavours change with the seasons.  You can find our latest flavours at a market near you or you can order your favourite cookies online.

Butter Sugar Flour Yum!

We are happy to talk to you about custom flavours and custom orders.  Please contact us if you are interested in stocking Sable Shortbread in your café or shop or you would like to feature our shortbread at your next event.


We love hearing from our customers

Warning: I've only tried the ginger shortbread, it was a gift, and ...even though I didn't think I would like that kind, I couldn't stop eating them once I'd started. I greedily and out of character refused to share them as there were only 6 in the package after all. Six wee pieces of heavenly goodness. Now I can't forget them. I've got to get some more and feed this new addiction.